Meet Luna

This gorgeous girl is one of our Western Grey Kangaroos and her name is Luna! She is now approximately 5 years old and came into care at West Oz Wildlife as a small orphaned joey who sadly could not be released back into the wild. She needed the same care as a newborn baby at that age, lots of bottles of special marsupial milk, clean warm bedding (pouch) and we even had to wipe her bottom (cloaca) to toilet her just like her mum would.
She is such a loving and friendly kangaroo and a real character. Many school children and nursing home residents have enjoyed meeting Luna and though she is retired now she still holds a special place in many hearts.  


Kangaroos are called Macropods, which comes from a Greek word for large foot. 

They have one very long toe with smaller toes on each side. So they kind of jump on their tippy toes! 

Their tail acts like an extra leg to help them jump. It is very strong and they can balance on it while kicking with their legs when fighting.

A kangaroo is capable of jumping over 9m in length in a single leap and over 2m high! 

Kangaroos can’t walk backwards because of their large tail, which is why the kangaroo is found on the Commonwealth Coat of Arms of Australia along with the emu, who also can’t walk backwards. Representing always moving forward! 

Kangaroos can swim and this is the only time their legs can move independently.