Out of School Care

Our aim at West Oz Wildlife is to work in a supportive role in teaching Animal Care and Conservation and we believe a great way to foster these values in children is to offer teachers the opportunity to provide hands on experiences right in the class room to their students.

What to expect:

Our education program really motivates the students learning from a range of facts about each animal we bring. We present each animal separately. Talking on each of the species of wildlife. Children will learn about the basic dietary requirements of each animal, where they live and why they look the way they do.

We will discuss the particular habits and environmental needs of each species.

Investigate their habitat and discover ways to protect them.

Endangered species

Special features to help survival in the wild


Snake safety and much more.

Our programs are tailored to suit Kindy through to Year 6.

Each of our sessions run for 50 minutes

We work off 1 class per session, and you can have a maximum of 30 children attending each session.

We can fit up to 6 sessions in the one school day.

Prices are quoted on your location upon enquiry.

We charge per session. The more sessions you book, the cheaper each session will become.

We bring the wildlife to you!

  • A safe environment
  • We can do our incursions outside undercover, or we find a classroom works best
  • We need to be in the same area for the duration of the incursion
  • We need access for our vehicle to get as close as possible to where we are being displayed

All of our staff have current working with children checks.

West Oz Wildlife holds a current $20m Public Liability Cover

West Oz Wildlife holds a current Reg 16 licence from the Department of Parks and Wildlife.