Poo, glorious poo!

We all do it! But have you ever wondered if different animals had different kinds of poo? Well, wonder no more as we discuss and show the variety in shape, texture and content of some Australian animal poo! Photos sourced from ‘Tracks, Scats and Other Traces’ by Barbara Triggs via the abc.net.au website.

Animal droppings are technically called scat but are also referred to as poo, faeces or dung.  You can actually identify an animal that has been in an area by looking at the scats left behind, as it is quite individual per species. This is a useful tool for scientist and ecologists in the field. 

Kangaroos have small, round, black poo. Inside it is dry and grassy.

Koalas have oval shaped poo that has a slight ridge and can vary from red-brown to brown to a greeny colour due to the leaves they consume. 

Wombat poo is famously square! This is most likely to stop it from rolling away off rocks or other exposed areas when marking territory. There is a thought that they use the rocks to wipe their bums but who knows if that is true!! It is brown in colour.

Microbat scat is black and small and looks like mouse poo but you can tell the difference by rolling it between your fingers (ummm put gloves on first!). Bat scat will crumble while mouse poo will squish. 

Dingo poo is just like dog poo!