Are you afraid of snakes? Let us change your mind!

Here at West Oz Wildlife we LOVE snakes! It wasn’t always like that for all of our staff though. We get it! Snakes can be scary. There are many venomous snakes in Australia; we actually have the highest number of venomous snakes anywhere in the world! Thankfully, we also have some incredible pythons and West Oz Wildlife is home to 3 of those species. We have South West Carpet Pythons, Stimson’s Pythons and Woma Pythons. All beautiful, very friendly and well trained! Pythons have no fangs or venom, although they do have lots of tiny teeth. They use their amazing muscles to wrap around and strangle their prey, swallowing it whole! They are able to eat small mammals, lizards, frogs, birds and eggs and they can swallow large prey fairly easily due to the stretchy ligaments in their jaw. Snakes don’t have eyelids but they do have special eye scales called spectacles that also come off when the snake sheds its skin. Snakes are Ectothermic or ‘cold-blooded’, which means they rely on external heat sources like sunlight or a heated surface to regulate their body temperature.

Our amazing pythons at West Oz Wildlife are safe to handle, friendly and calm. They have brought lots of joy and smiles to thousands of people over the years! Many have commented about how scared they were previously, but having met our gorgeous pythons and trusting our dedicated, caring staff members they have been able to face that fear and end up loving (or at least liking) snakes. That absolutely makes our day; changing the perception of people towards snakes is one of our goals and we are very successful! Come and meet some of our stunning pythons soon!